Monday, July 27, 2009

Maternity Pictures - 36 Weeks

The first picture was taken by my brother who I wish would have been able to take more pictures but unfortunately I was not in the picture taking mood that day and therefore the maternity shoot was cut short (can't help it if I am moody on
The next two are taken by a guy Jeff works with who takes pictures on that side and was take some pictures for us along with his sister-in-law who does all the editing. These are just a couple of teasers from them from our 2 hour photo shoot!
So glad Jeff came and was in many of them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Late Update with pictures :)

Opps I didn't realise that is has been almost a month since I last posted!! Guess time is flying by even though it feels like it is going In all fairness we did do a lot though in the month of to follow...

30 Weeks

32 Weeks - looking down (obviously :)

Yup took this picture at work, not very busy right now if you can tell.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures & Hiccups!!

Here is my 28 week belly!! I can't believe how big it is getting..don't even recognize my shadow or reflection

Also on Sunday night I felt our little peanut have the hiccups for the first time...such a neat rhythmic feeling that last close to 5 minutes.
Hmm what else happened his weekend oh on Saturday while I was eating supper I kind of had my plate resting on the side of my belly when peanut kicked to hard it startled me and I just about upset my whole plate!! For those who have not experienced it, it is like being sucker you are not only startled and caught off guard it also hurts!!!
Anyways I better get back to work. Check up with the doctor is tomorrow when I will get my results from my Glucose Test so fingers are crossed that I do not have Gestational Diabetes!!